Welcome to Driftwood Passage

“Aedan is a 24 year old freelance writer, speaker, consultant and support worker based in Melbourne, Australia. Aedan developed a love for literature shortly after his mother passed away in 2000 and he was gifted a sympathy note inside the first Harry Potter book.”

Grab a mug of the warm drink of your choice and settle in for what may be a bit of a bumpy ride while I get the hang of this blogging business and get into the swing of writing again after a number of years hiatus. Some of the coming stories will be darker than others so this might not be the content you want to read if you’re feeling fragile.

The way the host website works is that the newest posts are at the top, so if you would like to read my writing in order of the date published you will need to scroll to the bottom and then work your way up the posts.

If you would like to connect or use some of my writing for training please email me at driftwoodpassage@gmail.com

– Driftwood

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Driftwood Passage

  1. Just read your resi blog, I am so so sorry that you did not get the support you needed then, I hope you have recieved better responses since.


    1. Thank you Rachel for your kind words. I have long since moved on from the care system, I believe the therapeutic programs that are in place now do a much better job though the standard resi hasn’t changed much.


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