Driftwood is a 25 year old freelance writer, speaker, consultant and support worker based in Melbourne, Australia. Driftwood developed a love for literature shortly after his mother passed away in 2000 and he was gifted a sympathy note inside the first Harry Potter book.

Driftwood began writing professionally in 2011 when he developed a number of  short pieces to be used in a handbook to train youth workers around the Australia and was also recruited to publish regular articles for an organisation raising awareness and support for survivors of childhood trauma.
Since then Driftwood has settled into a style of writing consisting mainly of flash memoirs and other non-fiction pieces used in training and awareness raising for non-profit organisations.

After graduating with a Certificate IV in Disability mid 2017, Driftwood began working in Disability Services while working a second job providing consultancy, training and facilitating workshops for youth workers and young people with a care experience.

After eighteen years and over seventy moves between houses in the Victorian out of home care system Driftwood is using his experiences to educate youth workers around the country in the hopes of improving the care system, so no other child has to experience the things he did.